Why is lutein supplement necessary for the body?

Lutein: The nutrient

Lutein is a supplement that is necessary for the body. Lutein for the eyes is of utmost importance. Lutein occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables as a carotenoid. Dark green and leafy vegetables is a rich source of lutein. Food items like spinach and kale is a source of lutein. Along with protein, egg yolk is a source of lutein too. The carotenoid is mainly found in the macula of the eyes. The retina, lens and optic nerves contain the lutein in fairly less amount. This antioxidant is mainly needed by the eyes. Lutein for the eyes is needed as it blocks the blue rays that can cause a lot of damage to the eyesight.

Necessity of lutein supplement:

There is varied reasons why lutein is necessary for the body. Apart from healthy functioning of the eyes, it is also needed for the healthy functioning of the body. Here are some of the benefits of lutein:

Eye health: the carotenoid is crucial in prevention of vision loss. One major function of lutein is to increase the thickness of the macula, thereby preventing macular degeneration. Research has shown that lutein also reduces the chances of having cataract. Some of the other benefits of lutein are—it reduces eye fatigue, it strengthens the eye tissues, it supports visual acuity and increases the lens density, thereby promoting normal vision.

Good for skin health: research has proven that apart from the eyes, lutein is very beneficial to the skin. It increases the elasticity of the skin by improving the hydration process. Being an antioxidant, it prevents damage caused by oxidation. The health of the skin is improved by reducing peroxidation of lipids and fats.

Benefits to the cardiovascular system: the blood serum contains lutein that improves the health of the cardiovascular system. It prevents the peroxidation of fat and cholesterol in the blood. By this it helps in not forming plaque formation.

Listed above are the main benefits of lutein supplement. These are the reasons why lutein supplements id necessary for the body. With age the body loses its capability to produce lutein. This is the reason why with age people tend to have weaker eyesight. 15-20gms of lutein is needed each day for the body to remain healthy. Intake of egg yolks, spinach and other green and leafy vegetables on a regular basis can ensure that we have enough lutein in our body that will help us remain healthy.