Why an International Preschool Singapore is Ideal for Your Child

Once your child is old enough to learn new skills, you are concerned about which school to choose. Schools in Singapore are known for their good quality of education, but you might have misgivings about admitting your child to one of these schools. Local schools may set up a clash of culture and this can leave your child confused. Or you want an easy curriculum for your child. Whatever the reason, here are some of the indications that you would prefer to have your child attend an international preschool Singapore.

At ISS International Preschool, there is a focus on learning from the children’s surroundings, and developing relationships through structured play. Through this, children will develop creativity and confidence to express themselves. For more information, you should check out their website here: http://www.iss.edu.sg/curriculum/early-years/

Similarity of cultures

Start with the language the child is familiar with. If you are an expat and speak or understand English, your child might also be familiar with the language. Or, you want your child to acquire English language skills since this can be a bonus in a globalized world. Also, an international school offers the type of culture your child is used to as a member of an expat family. Since for very young children, this familiarity is important to learning, an international school could be a good answer to your requirements.

Teaching methods

International schools follow recognized teaching methods and this ensures that your child’s learning proceeds along familiar lines. Also, the training is offered while keeping in mind the capabilities of the child. Parents of young children might be concerned about the burden of learning on the child. At international schools, the learning is imparted in a fun way. this makes the experience less difficult for the child. In particular since preschool children would rather play than sit their desks the challenging task of making learning acceptable to children is undertaken by trained teachers.

Social skills

If you are an expat, your social life might be limited to other expat families. However, your child may not always get the benefit of socialization if particularly there are no peers their age. this is why it is important to let your child find friends at a pre school. The child will learn important things about living in society, such as sharing, being kind, following rules meant for the benefit of people, and so on.

Support for parents

As an expat, you might be finding it difficult to take care of the needs of the young child, whether education or helping them socialize. At an international pre school, competent teachers will guide the child, as he or she learns to socialize and learns new skills. This will take some pressure off you, and you can get reports from teachers to check how the child is doing at school.