The Combination of Mathematics and Fun

Try getting a child to concentrate when there is plenty of theory to digest and watch his eyes glaze with boredom as his mind travels across continents! The combination of mental math strategies and fun needs to be on point as this gets the mind prepped as the child shows his willingness in the subject.

The abacus maths program inculcates the method of learning while counting beads in different colors on the bamboo frame. The calculating tool that has been used by merchants and clerks in various parts of the world imparts knowledge by teaching numbers and arithmetic to children. The beads can get quite fascinating to the child because they are colorful. Here is a way to help start the process of learning the method that develops children’s numeracy.

Get the Kids to Start Counting

The teacher engages the classroom by moving the beads from one side to the next. In doing so, she throws open questions to the class as to how many beads have been moved and the numbers left behind on the rows. This simple form of arithmetic gets the child ready to learn how to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide. In doing so, the reasoning and analysis automatically work as the child identifies with the visual stimulus and the colors on the frame. It also helps the child formulate strategies in his little mind about a fraction of the pie and so on and so forth. Ergo, this wonderful method helps in the concepts of learning, retention, and recall.

The Game of Matching the Move

Mathematical learning for kids through the abacus program starts the ball rolling with a match the move program with the beads on the frame. The teacher starts by moving the beads in a particular row, which the students follow. In doing so, they learn the numerals and also digest the difference in color and work on the repetitive necessities of the subject. In fact, this learning curve also eggs the child along in the difficult method of tables while multiplying and dividing. By doing so, they become adept at counting and figuring out the basic principles of mental math and ready their brains for the next stage in their lives.

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