Rat out! Different techniques for rodent control

Rodents are a big threat to the human population and controlling them can be a huge task, especially in a place like Singapore. Rodents spread diseases that cause health and hygiene issues in homes and hawker centres. They are a menace to the society and their breeding should be curbed as much as possible. So, what are the different signs that provides evidence of rodents and what are ways in which they can be stopped?

Signs of rodents

There are different signs that suggest the presence of rodents and some of them are:

1. Droppings. Rodent droppings can vary in size and shape. For example, the droppings of a roof rat will be bigger than that of a house mouse. Some droppings have pointed ends while others have tapered ones.

2. Bad smell. Rodents are associated with bad smells and if you notice a strong ammonia-like smell in your house, then be cautious as there might be rodents.

3. Scratching noises. Do you hear scratching noises coming from your wall or from underneath your floor bed? It could very well be due to a bunch of rodents living inside your house.

4. Teeth marks. Rodents leave behind teeth marks after they have finished eating from your food packets. Additionally, food packets could also have unusual holes in them that indicate biting. Not only food packets but also clothes and other items as well.

Different Techniques

There are different techniques which you can follow to prevent rodents from infesting your house.

1. Use rat poison in places where you suspect rodents might live. But be extra careful when you handle poisons. Rat poisons can kill people too if taken in large dosage.

2. There are different pest control products available in the market but use precautions while handling them. Buy products that are safe for you and your children.

3. Use ultrasonic repellers to drive away rodents. It releases a sound, silent to our ears, which rodents can’t tolerate.

4. Clean your house and check your sewage system from time to time. You never know what you might find during cleaning.

If the above techniques don’t work, it’s better to call a professional pest control company and have them do the job for you. There are many rodent control Singapore experts who offer you the cheapest price for their service.

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