No one likes extra fat under their chins. Not only does it look bad, it also makes the person look lazy and boring. When it comes to reducing double chins, Liposuction is the preferred choice for most. However, recently, the FDA announced a new treatment method for double chins. The latest double chin reduction technique called Kybella is a non-surgical injectable Botox method. But since the treatment’s launch, people have asked different questions regarding the method. Below is a list of the some of the questions and their answers.

How is a Kybella treatment performed?

As many as 50 Kybella injections may be required in a single procedure. The doctor or plastic surgeon makes a grid of minute dots under the skin. The injections are then administered into the deeper layers of the skin through these dots. The Kybella injection consists of deoxycholic acid and it kills the extra fat cells in the chin region. It takes about 15 minutes for each treatment and in about two to four treatments, the results will be visible.

Does it hurt?

It might feel like multiple injections piercing your skin in a span of few seconds. It is not going to be too comfortable but the method is absolutely safe. It is possible that there will be a burning sensation after each session but it will subside after some time. However, the risk of having side-effects is real. Redness, swelling, bruising and slight pain are common side-effects associated with any injectable treatment method.

What are things you need to keep in mind before going for the treatment?

Before you decide to receive the treatment, consult with your healthcare provider and tell them about your medical problems, if you have any. Since Kybella is a new cosmetic treatment, it is good to consult medical experts before undergoing the treatment. It’s best not to go for Kybella if you’ve had problems with your neck, chin or any other region close to your chin.

Are there any side effects?

Like every other cosmetic treatment, Kybella has its drawbacks. The side effects include bruising, swelling and reddening. It can also lead to nerve injury in the neck and jaw if it is not done properly. That is why it is very important that Kybella be conducted by medical experts only and at centers where the Botox Singapore treatment has been approved .

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