Common Myths about Vision

For many people from all over the world, loss of vision is their biggest fear. And yet many people take their eyesight for granted. They tend to ignore their eyes till the severity of the problem is very high. There can be many problems if your eyes are unhealthy. You may face a range of problems when your eyes are not healthy. Some of them are the inability to read your newspaper well, working with a computer or even losing your driving license and your freedom.
So, start measures to protect yourself as early as possible before you suffer from any vision related issues. It is unfortunate that many people start having unhealthy eyes as they have certain misconceptions. Some of those top myths have been busted here

Myth 1: Unhealthy eyes and weak vision are regular conditions when one age.
But the fact is when you nourish the eyes well with the required nutrients; your vision can remain sharp. Your eyes can be healthy for many more years.

Myth 2: you can get all the necessary nourishment for your eyes from your multivitamin.
In reality, a majority of the multivitamins are not exclusively meant for your eyes and even if they target, a number of nutrients they supply is not adequate for the health of your eyes.

Myth 3: When you have a healthy diet, you get all the required nourishment for your eyes.
While on the face value, this statement seems alright but even if it is not impossible, it is difficult to intake everything that you require in a consistent manner and in generous portions to impact the health of your eyes positively. You need to include plenty of leafy and green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and kale but it will be difficult for many to include these in their diets regularly.

Myth 4: You should wait till the time you have real eye-related concerns. It is then only you should start consuming the necessary nutrients to see the desired outcomes.
The fact is that the nutrients for healthy eyes and good vision work best if you star having them at the earliest without waiting for your eye condition to deteriorate.

Myth 6: Any natural herbal-based solution to improve vision will not work.
While Vitamin A can improve your vision so that you do not have difficulty in seeing even in the insufficient light, supplements can offer benefits of lutein for eyes like protecting the eyes from blue lights, which can otherwise cause damage. But even bilberry can enhance your night vision and facilitate improvement in your night vision and faster adjustment to dim lights and darkness. It also enables quicker recovery from harmful glare. Thus, it is hardly surprising that bilberry is a preferred nutrient for all those people who desire to boost their vision, particularly at night.
So, instead of delaying, you should start taking measures for protecting your eyes as soon as possible.