Ways to Control Termites

If you want to find the nest of the termites infesting your house, look at the underground of the house. Termites have a tendency to destroy all that comes their way. The dry-wood species of termite love to make their nest in wooden furniture. It is difficult to locate termite infestations in your wooden furniture. They feed on the wood from inside and tend to make it weak and hollow. Another species of termite is the subterranean termite that lives below the ground and makes their nests in the colony structure very akin to that of the ants or the bees. They move in swarms and leave their wings behind.

Termites are one of the most hated insects in the world. They cause incredible amount of damage to the inanimate objects in your house, although they are apparently harmless due to their non-biting and non-stinging nature. But due to the damage caused to furniture and other objects, the thought of termite infestation can be a source of fear. Termites even affect agriculture. It has been proved by research that billions of dollar worth damage is done to agricultural products every year by termites.

Therefore, baits to weaken termites colonies are always sought after by those who wants to protect their property from this destructive pests. However, termites not only pose danger to inanimate objects, they can also pose danger to human beings. They are not carriers of disease and hence do not pose a direct threat to human beings. However those with asthma or allergies can suffer in a termite infested house.

There are some home-made remedies to control termites, however, the help of pest control centers may be more effective in eradicating them completely. Do check out https://www.pestbusters.com.sg/ if you are looking to engage the help of a professional. If not, below are some home-made remedies that can be used:

* Orange Oil: it has been proven through research that orange oil is very effective in killing termites.

* Boric Acid: boric acid is a kind of insecticide that attacks the nervous system of the termites.

* Electrocution: this is one of the simplest methods. Application of an electric shock in a termite infested area can kill the termite. This is one of the chemical free methods of killing termites.

* Essential Oils: many essential oils like clove bud oil and vetiver oil can help eradicate termites.

* Aloe Vera Gel: aloe vera gel is very effective in killing termites. The termites die when they come in contact with this gel.