Why an International Preschool Singapore is Ideal for Your Child

Once your child is old enough to learn new skills, you are concerned about which school to choose. Schools in Singapore are known for their good quality of education, but you might have misgivings about admitting your child to one of these schools. Local schools may set up a clash of culture and this can leave your child confused. Or you want an easy curriculum for your child. Whatever the reason, here are some of the indications that you would prefer to have your child attend an international preschool Singapore.

At ISS International Preschool, there is a focus on learning from the children’s surroundings, and developing relationships through structured play. Through this, children will develop creativity and confidence to express themselves. For more information, you should check out their website here: http://www.iss.edu.sg/curriculum/early-years/

Similarity of cultures

Start with the language the child is familiar with. If you are an expat and speak or understand English, your child might also be familiar with the language. Or, you want your child to acquire English language skills since this can be a bonus in a globalized world. Also, an international school offers the type of culture your child is used to as a member of an expat family. Since for very young children, this familiarity is important to learning, an international school could be a good answer to your requirements.

Teaching methods

International schools follow recognized teaching methods and this ensures that your child’s learning proceeds along familiar lines. Also, the training is offered while keeping in mind the capabilities of the child. Parents of young children might be concerned about the burden of learning on the child. At international schools, the learning is imparted in a fun way. this makes the experience less difficult for the child. In particular since preschool children would rather play than sit their desks the challenging task of making learning acceptable to children is undertaken by trained teachers.

Social skills

If you are an expat, your social life might be limited to other expat families. However, your child may not always get the benefit of socialization if particularly there are no peers their age. this is why it is important to let your child find friends at a pre school. The child will learn important things about living in society, such as sharing, being kind, following rules meant for the benefit of people, and so on.

Support for parents

As an expat, you might be finding it difficult to take care of the needs of the young child, whether education or helping them socialize. At an international pre school, competent teachers will guide the child, as he or she learns to socialize and learns new skills. This will take some pressure off you, and you can get reports from teachers to check how the child is doing at school.

Ways on How Our Children Could Learn Chinese

As we know, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, that is why being able to speak and write in Chinese would be a great advantage in your part. However, some schools only use the English language in their curriculum and other parents are finding the need for their children to also learn the Chinese language or Mandarin. Good thing that we have enrichment classes to that offer Chinese language lessons for any age.

At Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, there are Chinese enrichment classes for children of all ages, from 6 months to 12 years. There are many programmes, from a Mandarin kindergarten to holiday programmes. If you are serious about your child mastering the Chinese language you should definitely check them out.

The Asian Parent will share to us the best enrichment class for your child. Let us read about it below.

Best Chinese enrichment class for your child

More and more parents are sending their children for Chinese enrichment classes at an early age these days to get a headstart in Chinese language learning. Check out where the best schools are and what they have to offer to your children.

As English becomes the main language medium in most household these days, Chinese school going children are finding it difficult to be effectively bilingual in their mother tongue.

This worrying trend has led to a flurry of parents sending their kids to mandarin enrichment centres from the time their kids turn four in an effort to help their children have a positive relationship with mandarin.

We take a look at the three popular Chinese enrichment classes for kids and well known centres, and break down what each one has to offer to your child.

1) Tien Hsia Language School

Established in 1989, Tien Hsia Language School has been the longest-running leader in providing Chinese Enrichment classes for children. Its centres are located in various parts of Singapore and cater to children from 3 to 16 years of age. Read more here.

Provided above are some of the information about the best schools which offer enrichment classes for Chinese language. The schools are: Tien Hsia Language School, HUA Language Centre, and Berries Language Centre. The next thing we are going to read about is Christine Tan’s eight tips for learning Mandarin Chinese.

8 tips for learning Mandarin Chinese

MY ETHNICALLY CHINESE FAMILY spoke neither Mandarin nor Cantonese at home, and I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, with English as my first language. But when I was seven, my parents suddenly felt guilty their daughter had only an English tongue. I started weekly Mandarin Chinese lessons. All the other kids in class had been exposed to the language from infanthood, and just two hours of Mandarin instruction per week in my otherwise English-language existence was ineffective. Despite my best intentions, I ended up dropping out in the fifth grade.

I’m now trying to build a life in China, and over the years have tried almost everything to become fluent in the language, including private tutors, self-study with tapes, college classes, and language buddies. Twenty years after I first set foot in my childhood Mandarin class, I’m finally on my way to mastering the language. Read more here.

One of the tips provided above says that we should be interactive with non-English speakers who are also learning Chinese. It is important because it would train you and practice you. Being able to correct each other is also helpful. As parents, we could also help our children learn Chinese at home. The New Age Parents will give us tips about it.

讲华语! 5 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Chinese At Home

The common misconception is that only teachers can improve your child’s Chinese. But parents can still help facilitate the learning of the Chinese language, especially at home. Kristie Lim and Dr Wang Haoshu (James) from Mind Stretcher shares five tips on how parents can tap on the different media channels to improve their child’s Chinese.

  1. Speak to your children in Mandarin as much as possible

This may seem obvious, and you don’t have to speak perfect Mandarin to do it. Even simple Mandarin or Mandarin mixed with English will help. This will acquaint them with the language at an earlier age. Increasing your child’s familiarity with the Chinese language will greatly accelerate the acquisition of vocabulary and the development of language skills. Read more here.

Five tips are given above and one is to speak your children in Mandarin as much as possible. Doing this could help them practice and apply what they have learned in class. Another is to let them listen or watch different Chinese movies and songs. It could help them master and memorize Chinese words and sentences. There are a lot of ways we could help our children aside from just sending them to Chinese classes. We need a joint effort for a successful learning.

Enrichment Classes Singapore Give Your Child the Right Start In Life

Being a parent is not an easy job. You have to make the right decisions for your children so that they reach to a respectable position when they grow up. Children, especially of preschool and kindergarten age, require your extra attention because that is the perfect age of learning and whatever they learn at that age, remains with them throughout their lives. In order to make sure that your children are not learning something unnecessary, you have to consider getting them enrolled in some enrichment classes.

There are many different enrichment programmes available in different institutes of Singapore. Enrichment classes in Singapore allow the children to learn while playing and exploring creative outlets. For pre-schoolers, enrichment classes may include fitness classes, music classes, and basic education classes. In Singapore, there are also English enrichment classes that help your children learn English from a very small age and by the time they grow up, they become great English speakers.

Many types of research have suggested that enrichment classes benefit children in every socioeconomic group and enables them to become more productive citizens of the world in the future. All the basics of education and even moral values are taught in an enrichment class. Parents should look to get their children choose the best English enrichment centre in Singapore offered by different institutes. Some of the best benefits of getting the children enrolled in enrichment classes are:

Exploring the World

Parents may hardly find time for their children to make them explore the world. In order to do so, the parents give children some gadgets and other devices using which the children learn and know about the outer world. This leads them to other immoral activities and even get their eye-sights weak. Enrichment classes provide the best opportunities for the children to explore the world in a safer environment. These classes arrange trips to other parts of the city where under the guidance of the teachers, the children learn different things and observe suburban and urban wildlife as well.

Whole Child Approach

Any preschool in Singapore that offers enrichment classes may also offer kid several opportunities to develop their creative skills through arts and crafts or outdoor play activities. At many of the best preschools in Singapore, there is a comprehensive curriculum that includes drama classes, language lessons, and maybe even weekly yoga classes. Children who are not interested in sports at all, get the required level of exercise through Yoga and also get to learn to calm themselves in time of stress. Some of the preschools also offer language classes that help the children learn different languages which help them in the later stages of their lives.

Fun with Learning

Enrichment classes are a wonderful opportunity for children to learn with fun. There are many different activities arranged in an enrichment class that helps the children utilize their creative and innovative skills by incorporating them with the learnings at the class.

These are some of the best benefits of english enrichment classes that your child get. You should look to getting your child enrolled in an enrichment class to make them productive minds that are not only beneficial for their personal growth but for the country as well. The fact that these classes provide a platform to your children to interact with other children also gives them confidence and make them friendly.

Importance of Teaching Your Child The Importance Of Their Chinese Culture

As more and more households have started speaking English rather than their own native language in their homes, the kids do not learn the language or the cultures and traditions that go along with this. The Chinese culture is very well known for their ethics that include hard work, excellence, and discipline. Being one of the countries with the most population the way these parents raise their children can have an important impact on society as a whole.

The Chinese have many traditional values that will be a shame if lost due to the adoption of the modern traditions by more and more parents. This is why sending your child for Chinese speech and drama classes can help your child learn and understand their language even if it is not spoken too much at home. It is also important that your child is culturally divergent as they will learn to respect and understand not only your own culture but also respect the culture and the traditions of different countries. By incorporating cultural studies into the child’s life they will not only learn the culture of the place that they live in but can also learn the traditional values which will help the child live a more enriched life.

The child can create their own special mix of both of the cultures that they are learning which would mean that they will incorporate the best values from both cultures and thus will be a major contributor to society and make sure that they are a good and valuable citizen of the world.

When you start teaching you child cultural and traditional values right from a young age you are helping them make these values an integral part of their life and they will teach the same to their own children and this has to start from a young age during activities for toddlers in class . Thus, making sure that the good values and lessons that are important to us are not lost due to the modernization of the world. Children are the future, and they will have respect and love for their cultural heritage if parents start to incorporate these language and cultural classes into their child’s early education. They are making sure that they are maintaining their cultural diversity and help the world maintain the values of humanity, understanding, and empathy.

Different cultures also have a wide range of knowledge that is mostly written in their native language and if this language were to die away because people have stopped using it all of that valuable knowledge will be lost.

The Combination of Mathematics and Fun

Try getting a child to concentrate when there is plenty of theory to digest and watch his eyes glaze with boredom as his mind travels across continents! The combination of mental math strategies and fun needs to be on point as this gets the mind prepped as the child shows his willingness in the subject.

The abacus maths program inculcates the method of learning while counting beads in different colors on the bamboo frame. The calculating tool that has been used by merchants and clerks in various parts of the world imparts knowledge by teaching numbers and arithmetic to children. The beads can get quite fascinating to the child because they are colorful. Here is a way to help start the process of learning the method that develops children’s numeracy.

Get the Kids to Start Counting

The teacher engages the classroom by moving the beads from one side to the next. In doing so, she throws open questions to the class as to how many beads have been moved and the numbers left behind on the rows. This simple form of arithmetic gets the child ready to learn how to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide. In doing so, the reasoning and analysis automatically work as the child identifies with the visual stimulus and the colors on the frame. It also helps the child formulate strategies in his little mind about a fraction of the pie and so on and so forth. Ergo, this wonderful method helps in the concepts of learning, retention, and recall.

The Game of Matching the Move

Mathematical learning for kids through the abacus program starts the ball rolling with a match the move program with the beads on the frame. The teacher starts by moving the beads in a particular row, which the students follow. In doing so, they learn the numerals and also digest the difference in color and work on the repetitive necessities of the subject. In fact, this learning curve also eggs the child along in the difficult method of tables while multiplying and dividing. By doing so, they become adept at counting and figuring out the basic principles of mental math and ready their brains for the next stage in their lives.

Visit the website http://www.cma.edu.sg/ that gives you valuable information about the subject. The objective is to ensure that the child is ready to tackle problems in the textbook while he preps ahead towards the future.

Developing Math Skills and Numeracy for the Little Ones

At a very young age, children show a keen sense of wanting to know more. In fact, their numeracy skills are developed early on hence the necessity to cash in on this, for the future, to help them learn mathematics and its key objectives. Let us look at how the two go hand-in-hand from a general perspective.

As the child learns numbers, he understands them, making counting, solving of numbers along with other factors relatively easy. In fact, once the child learns these basics, it will be a breeze to measure things out. He will be able to sort practically anything while he digests the relevance of adding and subtracting.

Numeracy is used in everyday life, and using this as a paradigm, like encouraging a child to decipher what brand of chocolate is cheaper that the next. This ability to understand, not necessarily on the brand, but the amount, because of the visual stimulus, works as a skill down the line.

The value, for instance, works really well once the child is able to decipher the choices that he makes. In doing so, his experience takes him to the next phase of his life, where addition and subtraction also pave the way for heavier information like division and multiplication.

Preschoolers are encouraged to work on abacus for kids even if they are not at their desks. This makes them have a fair understanding of the limited extent of the world that they are in, and the reasoning and solving abilities that this vast subject brings to the table.

To develop math skills and numeracy for the little ones can take a while if the class is not as interesting as it should be, especially for children. By introducing concepts from radio, television, the internet and on the Smartphone, the child responds rather well.

The methodology of using the ancient rudiments of abaci works well by inculcating a love for the subject. The structure of the prop is not as heavy duty as some of the apps available, though kids love apps too! Nevertheless, using abacus as a math tool helps phenomenally in getting a child on the right path towards the learning curve in mental arithmetic.

The theory they say can be quite a deterrent in the retention span of the child. To get more out of the program visit the website http://www.cma.edu.sg/cma-programmeOR Apply now OR RSVP now so that your child gets the right dose of math to keep him ahead in the game.

Five Health Benefits Of Drinking Hydrogen Rich Water

Common Myths about Vision

For many people from all over the world, loss of vision is their biggest fear. And yet many people take their eyesight for granted. They tend to ignore their eyes till the severity of the problem is very high. There can be many problems if your eyes are unhealthy. You may face a range of problems when your eyes are not healthy. Some of them are the inability to read your newspaper well, working with a computer or even losing your driving license and your freedom.
So, start measures to protect yourself as early as possible before you suffer from any vision related issues. It is unfortunate that many people start having unhealthy eyes as they have certain misconceptions. Some of those top myths have been busted here

Myth 1: Unhealthy eyes and weak vision are regular conditions when one age.
But the fact is when you nourish the eyes well with the required nutrients; your vision can remain sharp. Your eyes can be healthy for many more years.

Myth 2: you can get all the necessary nourishment for your eyes from your multivitamin.
In reality, a majority of the multivitamins are not exclusively meant for your eyes and even if they target, a number of nutrients they supply is not adequate for the health of your eyes.

Myth 3: When you have a healthy diet, you get all the required nourishment for your eyes.
While on the face value, this statement seems alright but even if it is not impossible, it is difficult to intake everything that you require in a consistent manner and in generous portions to impact the health of your eyes positively. You need to include plenty of leafy and green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and kale but it will be difficult for many to include these in their diets regularly.

Myth 4: You should wait till the time you have real eye-related concerns. It is then only you should start consuming the necessary nutrients to see the desired outcomes.
The fact is that the nutrients for healthy eyes and good vision work best if you star having them at the earliest without waiting for your eye condition to deteriorate.

Myth 6: Any natural herbal-based solution to improve vision will not work.
While Vitamin A can improve your vision so that you do not have difficulty in seeing even in the insufficient light, supplements can offer benefits of lutein for eyes like protecting the eyes from blue lights, which can otherwise cause damage. But even bilberry can enhance your night vision and facilitate improvement in your night vision and faster adjustment to dim lights and darkness. It also enables quicker recovery from harmful glare. Thus, it is hardly surprising that bilberry is a preferred nutrient for all those people who desire to boost their vision, particularly at night.
So, instead of delaying, you should start taking measures for protecting your eyes as soon as possible.

Why is lutein supplement necessary for the body?

Lutein: The nutrient

Lutein is a supplement that is necessary for the body. Lutein for the eyes is of utmost importance. Lutein occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables as a carotenoid. Dark green and leafy vegetables is a rich source of lutein. Food items like spinach and kale is a source of lutein. Along with protein, egg yolk is a source of lutein too. The carotenoid is mainly found in the macula of the eyes. The retina, lens and optic nerves contain the lutein in fairly less amount. This antioxidant is mainly needed by the eyes. Lutein for the eyes is needed as it blocks the blue rays that can cause a lot of damage to the eyesight.

Necessity of lutein supplement:

There is varied reasons why lutein is necessary for the body. Apart from healthy functioning of the eyes, it is also needed for the healthy functioning of the body. Here are some of the benefits of lutein:

Eye health: the carotenoid is crucial in prevention of vision loss. One major function of lutein is to increase the thickness of the macula, thereby preventing macular degeneration. Research has shown that lutein also reduces the chances of having cataract. Some of the other benefits of lutein are—it reduces eye fatigue, it strengthens the eye tissues, it supports visual acuity and increases the lens density, thereby promoting normal vision.

Good for skin health: research has proven that apart from the eyes, lutein is very beneficial to the skin. It increases the elasticity of the skin by improving the hydration process. Being an antioxidant, it prevents damage caused by oxidation. The health of the skin is improved by reducing peroxidation of lipids and fats.

Benefits to the cardiovascular system: the blood serum contains lutein that improves the health of the cardiovascular system. It prevents the peroxidation of fat and cholesterol in the blood. By this it helps in not forming plaque formation.

Listed above are the main benefits of lutein supplement. These are the reasons why lutein supplements id necessary for the body. With age the body loses its capability to produce lutein. This is the reason why with age people tend to have weaker eyesight. 15-20gms of lutein is needed each day for the body to remain healthy. Intake of egg yolks, spinach and other green and leafy vegetables on a regular basis can ensure that we have enough lutein in our body that will help us remain healthy.