Reasons for an aging face and remedial actions

Age can affect several parts of your body. Not only is one enriched with more wisdom, accomplishments, and experiences as one grows older, changes occur also in people’s external experience. Among these, changes in the faces are the most prominent ones. Some of those facial changes are as follows:

* Tips of aging people’s noses can drop as there is a weakening of connective tissues that support the nasal cartilage.

* Ears appear longer since the cartilage grows

* Since hairlines retreat, foreheads improve.

As you grow older, structural rearrangements go in the background. With age, there is a loss in the fat’s volume, clumping and shifting up. As a result, the facial features, which were previously round can sink. Moreover, the skin which was tight and smooth may look saggy and loose. The other parts if an aging face may also gain fat, especially the lower part.

And how can one forget about the wrinkles? They are more prominent between one’s eyebrows and the forehead. The former is known as animation or expression lines. These are the outcomes of continuous tugging of facial muscles, which ultimately crease the skin, Some folds may even become deeper since the fat reduces and keeps moving. Fine wrinkles may appear due to damage caused by the elements’ natural degeneration that otherwise keep the skin supple and thick or smoking.

Remedial actions

Protection from the sun

You need to protect your face from sun’s rays to keep your face youthful. Damage from the Ultraviolet rays of the sun can be reduced to a great extent by applying a good sunscreen. This will also protect the skin against UVB light that causes sunburn. You can also don a wide-brimmed hat, which can also safeguard your skin against the sun.

Use good lotions and creams

Applying a good moisturizer can soothe your dry skin and can even make the wrinkles less noticeable on a temporary basis. Facial moisturizers constitute water so that they are less greasy. Many moisturizers have glycerin that helps in binding water to your skin. Appearance of aging skin can be improved by applying Exfoliant creams as they remove the dead skin cells that do not go off as easily as they did in the younger years.

Dermal fillers

Fillers in Singapore are used for treating lines, which appear due to losing fat and collagen; dermal filler injections have become quite common these days for reversing the aging process. With the use of fillers, you need not worry about getting the treatment of your skin problems.