The proper way of drinking Izumio water

When one talks about drinking to health, one doesn’t necessarily mean drinking alcohol, tonic or water. These days, there are some awesome health drinks available that can actually improve the health of a person. One such health drink is Izumio water, which is enriched with Hydrogen and gives the maximum health benefits. It comes in a 4-layered aluminium packing for protecting and preserving the Hydrogen content. But, for deriving the maximum benefits of Izumio water, one has to drink it in a proper manner.

How do you drink Izumio?

1. The Hydrogen water needs to be consumed immediately on opening, otherwise it loses its nutritional content. It would also be good to cover the spout of the packet, in between the sips so that the Hydrogen does not escape. This will ensure that maximum hydrogen gets into the body.

2. The packet, once opened, needs to be consumed within 3 hours. As it comes in small quantities, it can be consumed in one bout.

3. While drinking Izumio, care should be taken to not swallow the water immediately. The trick is to keep it in the mouth for some time, so that the Hydrogen can kill the unwanted bacteria. Most of the diseases begin from the mouth so this is the most effective way to catch the diseases and nip them in the bud before they can occur.

4. After drinking the water, the droplets that remain in the packet can be used for applying onto wrinkles or scars. The water is so powerful that it can help in healing the wounds and heal the skin so it looks better.

5. Try not to expose the Hydrogen water to too much of sunlight. The sun’s heat can end up heating the water.

6. The good thing about Izumio is that it can be taken anytime and anywhere. There are absolutely no restrictions.

7. Izumio water can be warmed up by placing the packet in warm water. But, it should not be microwaved.

8. It is best to drink the water straight from the packet, without transferring the contents to a bottle or glass.

These were some of the points that would need to be followed while drinking Izumio water. As the Izumio water benefits can be derived by the entire family , one can drink at least one packet a day to keep the diseases away.