Why is Ant Control Important?

Everyone may have experienced the effects of invasion of their homes by ants of various shapes, sizes and types. Though these tiny creatures are not capable of spreading infections, they can be a nuisance. If you live in Singapore and face such a problem frequently, adequate ant control is necessary to get rid of this nuisance.

The tiny nature of ants allow thousands of them to hide in gaps or wall cracks in your house that you may be unaware of. When you spot them along the walls or floor, there may be a colony of ants hidden somewhere from your sight. Unless you want to co-exist with these ants, which may pose hygiene and cleanliness issues, one needs to eradicate them as soon as possible. If you are looking for a professional pest control company to alleviate your pest problem, do check our Pestbusters today.

But why do ants invade your home?

1. As we humans search for our food, ants also search for their food. They are especially fond of sweet substances.

2. Rainy season is when they mate and so, you can see lots of them during this season.

3. There are certain regions that are attractive to ants. You can see ants in these regions during all the seasons.

Some of the human activities may increase ant activity in homes. Let us look at some of these activities.

1. If you keep the counter-tops and dining tables and other tables dirty, ants will get attracted. So, once you finish your kitchen chores, never forget to wipe the surfaces of counter-tops clean using a damp and clean cloth. You can even use soap with water for wiping the surfaces but ensure that the surfaces get dried up quickly.

2. If you keep sweet foods or sugary items in the open, you can almost be certain of inviting ants. So, keep such items in deep containers with tight-fitting lids. Ensure to wipe the place as well as the surface of the containers clean.

3. Some people serve fruits without any thought. The right procedure is you must serve the ripest fruits first. If you keep such fruits in your fruit basket, they will beckon ants with their sweet scent. Very ripe fruits may rot more quickly and will attract fruit flies also.

4. Many people have the habit of eating their food sitting on the bed or in other places. Ants will form a beeline to carry spilled crumbs to their ‘homes.’ Removing ants from carpeted areas and those places where you have kept a lot of items like clothes, etc. is very difficult.

Ant control in Singapore is easy if you choose the right pest control company. Apart from destroying the entire colony by doing a thorough job, they will seal cracks and holes, if any, in your home so chances of invasion of ants are greatly reduced.