Impact of Aging on Skin

Your skin has to go through a lot as you age; bad lifestyle, harsh weather, and the sun’s harmful rays. Here are some steps that can be taken so that the skin looks fresh and supple.

The aging of your skin depends on many factors like your personal habits, heredity, diet and lifestyle. For example, too much smoking can make the oxygen molecules unstable and overactive, which were healthy once upon a time. This, in turn, leads to another damaging effect on the skin such as premature wrinkles.

However, there are several other reasons apart from that. Some key factors that can cause wrinkles are the loss of fatty tissue between the muscles and skin, getting exposed to the sun, pollution, and normal aging. Some other contributors for your skin’s aging are bad postures while sleeping, obesity, daily movement of facial muscles gravity and stress, which can easily get cured in an aesthetic clinic in Singapore

Changes in skin with aging

When you grow older, you may find the following changes occurring in your skin:

1. Your skin can get easily bruised as the walls of blood vessel become thinner.

2. Your skin is likely to become fragile since the location where the dermis and epidermis come together.

3. The transparency of your skin increases since the epidermis gets thinned.

4. You will notice slackening of your skin. With increasing age, there is a loss in the skin’s elastic tissue or elastin, making the skin hang loosely.

5. Your nose has cartilage loss that makes your nasal tip drop and there is an accentuation of your nose’s bony structures.

6. Loss of bone usually around your chin and mouth, especially after 60. This causes the skin around your mouth to pucker.

How the sun affects your skin

One of the big contributors towards aging skin is over exposure to the sun. As time passes, the ultraviolet light of the sun cause damage to your skin’s fibers called elastin. When this elastin fiber breaks down, your skin can get stretched, sag or lose the capability of snapping back once the stretching takes place. The tearing and bruising of the skin happens more easily and healing takes a longer time. Thus, even though damage caused by the sun may appear to be harmless while you are young, you can see its bad impact later in your life.

You should visit an aesthetic clinic in Singapore for any such problems.