Benefits of Science Tuition Centres to Primary School Students

When their children finally get to school going age, parents are not just faced with the dilemma of which school to enroll their children in, but they also wonder if tuition is necessary. Some Singaporeans think the tuition culture needs to go. However, a majority of them believe the science tuition centres have helped their children have the right foundation in science and would not trade their children’s performance for anything.

Students learn at their own pace

Students are different. Some easily understand during their regular school lessons while others need more time to get to the same level of clarity. Unfortunately, even if the teachers would like to meet all the education needs of the students, they cannot. They don’t have the luxury of time since they have a schedule in the curriculum they have to follow. Teachers sometimes have a class of 40 students, and they cannot meet the individual needs of all them. They are forced to adopt a system that is assumed to work for all students.

Primary science tuition centres provide the additional support students need to be up to date on their lessons without feeling like they are dragging the fast students behind. This is a place where slow students get to learn at their pace without feeling pressured to let go of topics they have not understood.

Offer support for students struggling with science

Science is one of the subjects that many students struggle with. Singapore is internationally renowned for students performing well in science subjects. This is no mean fete for the nation. However, it puts even more pressure on students who do not perform as well as is expected of a Singaporean student.

For students to have a positive attitude towards science, they need to be confident in their ability to perform well. Tuition restores this faith in students who have been struggling with the subject. Some of the students who assumed they were not good in science only needed more time and extra support to turn around the negative attitude towards the subject.

Tuition is convenient

The beauty of tuition is that the student can study at his convenience. If the student feels the time available for lessons in school is too little for him to understand, he gets to have more time with the tutor. Parents pay tuition to get their children more support for their education. Tutors take this very seriously. They do not work based on a curriculum that needs to be followed as scheduled. They work based on the needs of the child. They identify a learning method that is most suitable for the individual student and use it to ensure the student gets better in science.

Offers the student the opportunity to be ahead of the class

Sometimes students understand the content taught by their teachers when they have read on the topic ahead of the class lesson. Some students go for tuition for this purpose, especially if they are fast learners. This makes it easier for teachers to communicate with students since they already have an idea about the given lesson.

This is a culture that has been taken up by some parents. By the time a child goes to kindergarten, he already has learned some of the things taught from home. Parents offer students additional support from home, and this has been quite helpful in making sure they get positive results from their tuition and school lessons.

Provides opportunities for students from different schools to interact

Since Singaporeans are competitive in nature, science tuition centres offer students the opportunity to interact with students from various schools at an academic level. It is easier for students to determine how well their school is doing when it comes to lessons and the curriculum. Students who feel their school is lagging in the completion of required topics will endeavor to read ahead or possibly find out from the school why they are not at par with other schools. The science tuition centres is also an excellent interaction place for students who share similar interests,

Some students take tuition lessons when they are closer to doing their exams while others start earlier. Whichever option students and parents take, there is no doubt that the science tuition centres are beneficial to students. It has contributed immensely to the tuition culture in Singapore and growth in interest in science subjects.